Ideas for .xyz Use

A big advantage of the .xyz domain extension is its endless creative possibilities. It’s a short, bold, and memorable extension that can be used beyond your company’s established internet marketing. It can also be used to add some flair to your printed advertisements, business cards, and products.

The extension is also great for domain hacking. Domain hacking is used to create unique website addresses that audiences will remember. Because the .xyz domain is so simple, it works well with virtually any domain name. Tacking the .xyz extension to your company’s name is more than enough to stand out.

You can also use the extension to suggest how much your website has to offer. For example, if you run a successful blog that’s dedicated to providing readers with gluten-free recipes, you could try something like The domain extension implies that you offer a wide range of recipes to fit anyone’s palate. If you run an online store, the extension can be used to show potential customers that you have a lot of products to offer. For example, something as simple as indicates that your collection is vast. There are many ways to get creative with the .xyz extension.


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