Will .XYZ Be the Top-Level Domain of the Future?

According to Daniel Negari, the online entrepreneur who originated the .xyz top-level domain, 99% of all domain name searches come back as not available – already taken. That’s why people use hyphens, drop vowels, purposely misspell words, and add extra words – just to get a name that’s close to what you actually want.

Of the more than 250 million domain names that are registered, 113 million are .com. No wonder you can’t get the name you want as .com. Right now, you shouldn’t have this problem if you choose a .xyz domain name.

Negari predicts that .xyz will be the default domain name extension for the next generations. He says, “Everyone already knows that you end the alphabet with ‘xyz,’ and soon everyone will know that you end a domain name the same way.”


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